Sunday, October 17, 2010

13.1 = 31. Indianapolis Half Marathon

Before I get to the race recap I have to start with my weird love of numbers. I am one of those people who constantly look at their odometer to see if there is a pattern to the numbers and to see when a new thousand rolls over. Cool thing #1 - On the way home my car hit 90,000 miles. Cool thing #2 - 13.1 on my 31st is 13131!

That being said let me get started on recapping mine and jeremys first half marathon.

Day before:
I picked up my mint chocolate chip birthday cake and Twila after work and went back to my house to get Jeremy. We stopped at subway on the way out of town. The drive up was pretty uneventful. We found the hotel with ease, checked in, then left to go to the expo.

I was really excited about the expo but once we got there was pretty dissappointed. There was only a couple vendors set up to sell running stuff. They didn't even have 13.1 stickers or magnets - the one thing I definitely wanted to buy. I did buy a couple bondibands though. (I had to buy something!)

At the expo! J and I were 533 and 534.

After we left the expo we decided we would try to drive the course. Not exactly a disaster but Jeremy and I don't do well when we don't know exactly where we are going. It's really the only time we argue. Good thing Twila was with us bc we were both on our best behavior (sort of). We were able to drive part of it, then went to look for the spot where twilas family was going to watch her at mile 17 and 21.

After that we headed to ocharleys for dinner where Jeremy could get pasta and Twila and I could get chicken. Then it was back to the room to get everything ready for the next day and relax as much as possible.

My shirt, shuttlle ticket, bib, and timer chip

I was a little overwhelmed trying to get everything ready. I was terrified I was going to forget something important. But it all got packed and I was as ready as I was going to be.

I slept a well as could be expected. I think all three of us were awake on and off throughout the entire night.

Race day:
Jeremy woke me up at 6am. We all started getting our race gear on. We were our of the hotel by 6:45. We drove to the host hospital and took a shuttle to the race. Good thing we had driven around the night before bc the shuttle driver didn't know where she was going. The directions she was given were not clear. I had to tell her to go down to the next road from where we were to turn.

Pre-Race - Getting ready to leave the hotel

We got dropped off and went straight for the portapotties. Then headed to gear check to drop off our bag, to the post race cook out tent to stay warm for a few minutes (38 degrees at start time) then back to the portapotties one last time.

Then we broke apart and went to our seperate corrals. Jery was in E, Twila was in G, and I was in H. It was a little lonely in the corral. Everyone was with a friend it seemed like. I had gotten used to doing my long runs with someone so I was sad I had no one to run with this time.

We ran under the flag at the start.

The national anthem was sung and then the race was on!! It was very congested. There were a lot of walkers in my corral so it took over a mile to break free and not have to be weaving in and out of people. During that first mile I ditched my ky sweatshirt I had worn to stay warm.

Miles 1-3 felt ok. I did my run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute interval. I had debated on a higher one but decided not to change anything and go with what I had done before. I also had my iPod and yurbuds in and jammed to some nickelback and prince for most of the race. I finished the race listening to the chili peppers.

The course was beautiful. It went through a state park. The leaves were changing and it was gorgeous!

This was on one of the bike paths we ran on

I took a caffeine GU at mile 3 and really felt a difference after that. Miles 4-6 felt great!! I caught up with Sarah and Ashley who were from Danville and also whose birthday it was. It was good to see someone on the course I knew!

I was holding a faster pace than all my previous long runs and knew if kept it up I would be able to get my A goal of being under 3 hours.

Miles 6-9 went by fast I was still holding my A pace but had to go to the bathroom. I passed some portapotties but decided to push through.

At mile 10 I couldn't wait any longer due to a monthly visitor. I hurried as quickly as I could but that mile time was well over my average pace. Unfortnately that bathroom break cost me an official under 3 time.

Right after I got out though I saw Twila running. She was going strong with her pace group! It was great to see her. I had hoped to Jeremy on the course but never did.

The last 3 miles were rough. I had heard that when you sit down (like to go to the bathroom) it shifts something in your body and makes it more difficult to run again. That was definitely the case with me. I really struggled after the bathroom break.

My garmin was reading faster than the mile signs on the course. According to my watch I was at 2:59.51 at 13.1. But still had about another tenth or so left on the course. The finish was great. People were lined up on the street and since the bibs had our names on them, they were cheering for me using my name. I saw Jeremy at the finish and crossed the official finish line at 3:00.42. If only I hadn't gone to the bathroom!! But I know that I really did do it in under 3 (just not officially!)

My average pace for the whole half was a full minute faster than my previous long run averages. 13:44. My ten mile time was 10 minutes faster than my previous three training 10 mile times!!

Post race:After the finish line I got my medal and a water and went to walk around with Jeremy. My legs were very stiff and I had some pain below my knee. I went to one of the therapy tents and had it looked at. He said it was my it band but it wasn't too bad. He gave me a stretch to do and said that should keep it from getting worse.

While I was there we saw Twila cross the finish. She was stoked bc she had gone under her A time.

Jeremy has happy with his time and also disappointed bc he went 2:02.46. His A goal was to be under 2. He was so close!!

Post race pics of us and our medals!

We went back to the hotel where I dug in to my birthday cake, then took a long nap. We got up, showered, ate at outback, then came back to the room to watch the end of the uk/sc game. UK ended up winning and the fans rushed the field. I have always wanted to rush the field!! That would have topped off the perfect birthday. Guess I can't have my cake and eat it too so to speak. There is always next year and beating Florida!

Pics will be up soon. Check out Twila and Sarah's blogs as well as Sheri and Bobbie's. (they had a half today in Louisville to celebrate Sheri's birthday)

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  1. It was a great weekend! I am so glad that we all did so well.

  2. Congratulations!! You did awesome! I hard a hard time after my bathroom break, time I will definitely try to push through :o) Great job!

  3. Yay Crystal!! Congratulations! Thanks for the great advice last week - I shaved a minute off my pace and feel better about my long runs. Congrats and Happy Birthday!

  4. Awesome Job Crystal!! Jeremy as well:)

  5. Great job and great recap. I linked you up. :)

  6. Great job! Congrats to you and Jeremy!