Monday, October 11, 2010

Prerace purchases

Last week Jeremy and I went to lexington to a localy owned run/walk store to stock up on items before the half. I wanted some more GU and either a pair of shorts with a pocket or a spibelt.

They had my favorite GU flavors mint chocolate and chocolate outrage! I also grabbed a couple other flavors that I liked: strawberry banana and tri-berry. :)

Unfortunately, there wasn't many summer running clothes left so no shorts! However they did have spibelts so I got one. I can put three-four gus in the pocket. I figure I can use it with all my shorts that don't have pockets so it will be more cost efficient.

A friend asked me to pick up some colorful striped socks for her while we there. She told me they had some with polka dots so of course being the person that i am, who loves polka dots, i had to buy them!! Aren't they adorable?!

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  1. Super cute socks! I think the belt was a smart move.

  2. Love new running stuff! Sometimes I think I buy more running clothes than everyday clothes.