Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chiro update / biking

I went to the chiropractor on Friday and he is fabulous!! I was nervous bc I had never been to one before but he put me at ease within the first couple minutes. He is a runner himself as well as his wife, so that made me feel confident that he would be understanding and aware of running injuries.

He explained what he does and how chiro helps people. Then he took a couple x rays. There was not a fracture which was a good thing!!

He said 4 of my 7 neck bones were out of place so he put them back. He also said all my ribs popped and asked if I had been doing a lot of twisting. Which I had been twisting a lot while shelving journals over the summer and last week at the library.

After he looked at the x rays he said that I was out of line. My right side has higher than my left was putting extra stress on my left hip which is most likely the cause of my problem.

He popped and pushed and got me put back together. I have another appt on Monday to get adjusted and make sure I stay that way.

He didn't say anything about not running so I had all intentions of running today. However, one of my former swimmers called and wanted to ride bikes. It was so pretty out I couldn't say no. Plus I thought it would be a good idea to ride rather than run today so I could rest my hip a little bit longer.

After 7 miles I stopped to get water, and I couldn't get started again. I felt sick, like I was going to throw up. I couldn't move. I was hot and took off my helmet to cool off! I have never felt that way before during a workout. The only time I remember feeling that way when I took surf lessons and swimming back to shore did me in. After about 10 minutes it passed and we rode the 4 miles back to the car at an easy pace.

I had eaten lunch an hour before we rode... I am guessing my sugar bottomed out but don't really know for sure. Hope it doesn't happen again though!!

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  1. that kind of sucks. Does sound like a depletion issue tho. good luck with the chiro follow up