Thursday, October 21, 2010

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad run!

The night after the half and the day after both my hips were hurting. Monday they were better, not great, but better. By tuesday I was finally pain free so I thought running wednesday would be ok.

First run, or attempt at a run, after the half was supposed to be yesterday but due to working til midight the night before, coaching 6AM swim practice, job #1 at 10am, and job #2 at 4, it didn't happen.

So today ended up being the day!! I was looking forward to running again.  I have in my head if I can for 13 miles, then I should definitely be able to run 3 miles faster than i have before. It started off with wanting to be an easy run, just 2 miles. I had hoped for a good run but that quickly went out the window.

The first couple tenths I could hardly catch my breathe. I had to stop to walk which normally isn't a big deal but I have a 5k next week and really would like to get a pr. So I was not happy when i had to walk to catch my breathe only a couple minutes in.  I can run/walk for 3 hours but not just run/run for 20 min?
I decided to try out one of the bondibands that I bought this past weekend. It would NOT stay on my head.  granted it was very windy out so dont know if that was the issue or bc i wasn't wearing it on my head correctly.  i'll try it again before i give up on them...

After half a mile, my shins started burning. Then my left hip also started throbbing! I ended up having to walk the last mile and a quarter bc it hurt too much to run. My hip was pretty unbearable. I finally hobbled back to the car. :(  Jeremy suggested i take off a little bit longer. I reminded him i have a 5k next friday that has already been paid for.  So he suggested a chiropractor which is what i had already been thinking about on my way to the car. 

I made my appointment for tomorrow.  I'll update after I go and see what he says.  I am hoping that will help. I really don't want to have to back out of the 5k next week but I know I can't run it if I have pain like I did today!

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  1. I felt the same way after my first half (Lexington) it took me almost 3 weeks to be able to run again! So hang in there my friend, it does get better! Gerard and I are going to the Black Cat also hope we see ya there!

  2. I highly recommend chiropractic. I usually go every 3 weeks (2 during race training) to keep things where they're supposed to be. I have right hip issues that carry into my knee and ankle. I run totally pain free after adjustments! Good luck!

  3. UGH! Bad runs are the worse! :( But hang in there...hopefully the chiropractor helps!! Good luck!!

  4. I had the same problem after my 1/2. I now can run a 5k but I was so perplexed at why I had problems running 2miles..although it did take me over 2 weeks to get back to running so maybe that had something to do with it.. :)

  5. Were you wearing the Bondi Band down on your forehead? It's supposed to be down on your forehead a little...

  6. Hope the chiropractor helps! After your 5k, you may want to rest up for a while. I, like Sheridan, cover most of my forehead with the band. Hope they work for you! Hang in there!! HUGS!

  7. I want an update on the Chiro appointment!!

    AND I just want to say that you are the LUCKIEST PERSON in the world. You keep winning all these giveaways, and I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous!

    You are amazing. :)