Sunday, January 9, 2011

3 weeks of nothingness

That sums up the amount of exercise I have done the past three weeks....nothing, nada, zip, and zilch.  Now, for 2 of those weeks i was sick, so I am going to let myself slide on that. However this past week, there was no excuse other than me being lazy.  Now i could say it took me a few days to get back in to the routine of going back to work, but that wouldn't be truthful.  I just didnt feel like running or biking or anything of the sort. 

I did however look at my calendar and mark off the time line for me to train for my half marathon at the end of April.  Jeremy and I have pretty much decided on doing the Ky Derby Mini Marathon.  There are 3 fulls/ halfs that weekend all within a 3 hour drive but we have chosen this one as of now.  Which means that training offically starts next week.  So this week i need to get my butt in gear and do something to get ready for NEXT week's training. 

I am also wanting to do a very short sprint triathlon at the end of January. Have I trained for that, you might ask?  Ha, of course not.  Thankfully its only a 3k run, 6 mile bike and 400 swim. Yes, this one is in reverse order. I do need to get back in the pool and make more of an effort to go swim on my nonrunning days.

Let the fun begin!


  1. You can do it! Some time off might have been just what you needed. Good LUCK!

  2. Backwards! That is my kind of tri. I can run really fast and blame my crappy swim on my "super fast" run : )

    Get back out there girl! You can do it!

  3. Twila, I'll be interested to see if my time gets better or worse with the run being at the front. the second and third tri's in the series are the same distances just switched. the second oneis run/bike/swim, the third one is swim/run/bike.