Monday, January 24, 2011

Pool vs. Nap

I had all intentions of going to the pool yesterday after church. I even had Jeremy talked into going (he tries to get out of it every time) with me. I was going to go yesterday and one day this week.  But I got home after church and just wasn't feeling it. I wasn't feeling the cold pool temps combined with the cold air temps.  It didn't help matters any that Jeremy hadn't slept the night before and he just wanted to come home and take a nap.  I mean really pool vs. nap..... of course the nap won.

But today I planned on going again.  I wanted to go today. I HAD to go today. Usually my work schedule is 4pm-midnight. Which works well bc open/lap swim is 11am-3pm  However, this week bc the college is on winter break, I have to work days starting Tuesday for the rest of the week. Which means if I didnt swim today I wouldnt be swimming at all before the tri on Sunday.

Jeremy was going to the park to run, so he dropped me off at the pool on his way to the park and was going to pick me up on his way home.  That worked perfectly.  I am much more motivated to go knowing he was going to be gone also, might as well get my workout done too.

My work out looked like this:
200 - 100 free/100 back
8 x 50's w/ fins on :50 sec. 4 free/4 back
100 - 50 breast/50 back
8 x 50's swim 4 free on 1:00, 4 back on 1:10
100 ez free.
1200 total yards

Not bad for the first time back in the water in several months, also considering I made it up in my head.  you would think being a swim coach i would have made it up prior to going, but thats not my style. :)

There were several people at the pool swimming and 2 were water running.  One guy (a local dr) that was swimming has qualified for age group world championships spring triathlon in Beijing this September. Pretty cool!  

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