Tuesday, January 11, 2011

back on the saddle again

Our treadmill is technically my husbands, although i'm the one that gets more use from it. He bought it right out of high school, so it's about 15 years old. Which probably explains why the speed and distance aren't accurate. 

Due to time and cold weather, we both decided we would run on it yesterday.  Jeremy went first, while I played Zelda (yeah, the original nintendo one. we got it for the wii and have been playing nonstop all weekend) and made lunch.  When he got off, he said that the belt was tearing again and in one section it was almost all the way torn across.  :(  oh great!

After we ate, I went to do my run.  I hopped on and started off.  It was making a horrible racket.  You couldn't hear anything over it.  I got off and got some scissors, thinking if i could cut the flap that was torn, it would be better.  Eh, not so much.  Granted it didnt make a horrible noise but there is a big space where there is no belt.  If you take a misstep and hit that part, down you go!  Luckily i was able to catch myself before i flew off the back.  The wall is about 1 1/2 feet behind the treadmill.  Boy that would have been a site. 

So i ended up getting on the exercise bike instead for 20 minutes. At least I did something! :)

We hope to get the treadmill fixed. Jeremy wants to see if we can get a belt for it.  If we can't, my parents have a treadmill we can borrow.  But then there is the issue of the garmin footpod that Jeremy got me for Christmas that works inside with the Garmin watch.  Jeremy got the footpod for me since our treadmill doesnt do speed or distance correctly.  I'm thinking we will return the footpod and use that money to buy another Garmin watch so both of us will have one.


  1. Yikes, that looks like a disaster waiting to happen! good luck, hope everything works out!

  2. I never knew there was something you could use with your Garmin for the treadmill?? That is cool!

  3. You can use it indoors. I think you have to use it outside the first time to set it up, but then you can use it on a treadmill or an exercise bike to measure distance.