Monday, January 17, 2011

So Quiet

The new belt for the treadmill came in on Friday, so Jeremy spent most of yesterday putting it on.  It was a bigger task than anticipated. He had to basically tear up the treadmill to get the belt on.  Now we need a staple gun to staple the side rail back down.

We both ran today on it and it is SO much quieter!  I can't believe how loud it was before compared to now.  Unfortunately it didnt help with the speed/distance issue but at least we didnt waste money on the garmin footpod now.  Next step to get that sync'd  up so we can use it! :)

Today was also Day 1 of my half training. It was only 15minutes.  I know, huge, right?  But it's a start.  I did the run 4, walk 1 interval.  I was pushing myself a little harder on the run than I probably should have for being off a month. But I figured it was only for 15 minutes I could deal with it. 

Tomorrow is swimming and maybe biking. Got to start preparing for that tri in two weeks - EEEEK!

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