Sunday, October 2, 2011

Factual Friday

Fact: Wednesday's 2 mile run was my fastest pace yet by 10 seconds per mile on the treadmill

Fact: Favorite quote from Biggest Loser this week "It hurts to look this good. I'm in pain every day!" - Dolvett

Fact: I have only run once this week in order to have my legs fresh for tomorrow's 12 miles

Fact: One week from today I will be competing in the Bourbon Chase. 200 teams of 12 people running 200 miles across KY!

Fact: We had t-shirts and tech shirts made for our Bourbon Chase team. One of our sponsors paid the bill for the entire team!!

Fact: we also had two sponsors that paid for half of the cost of our two rental vans!

Fact: Since we will be running one of our legs at night I bought this reflective skirt to run in from

Fact: I have been planning and researching upcoming marathons that Jeremy and I can do over the next two years. Yes, two years.... Jeremy thought it was a bit too much in advance. But I just love thinking about the places we will go!

Fact: Deuce has only gotten on the new couch once. :) Instead of having free reign of the down stairs, he now just has reign over our bedroom and bathroom. The one time we got on the couch was shortly after we bought it and when he woke up in the am we forgot to shut the door to the bedroom.


  1. That quote is gold, I am saving it, thanks

  2. Fact: I loved that quote too!

    Fact: Next year I want to run the Bourbon Chase with you!

    Fact: You need to go Sevierville and run this race with me.