Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cold shmold

I did run this morning. I took some cold meds last night before bed and woke up this morning feeling surprisingly good.

What was supposed to be 12 miles at 6am @ 13:33 pace turned into 8.25 miles at 6:30am @ 12:53 pace. I am happy with that and am ok with cutting the milage down.

About a mile and a half in we had to change our route bc of a must needed bathroom stop on my part. :(. Thankfully a coffeehouse opened within 5 minutes of us getting there.

We ran down by the college campus where they are having homecoming this weekend. A famous glass blower that teaches at the college had made glass balls to put in a fountain. They were really pretty and sounded like a wind chime hitting against each other.

When I got home i fixed myself a couple scrambled eggs and got a hot bath.

I wonder when u are already freezing cold would taking an ice bath help you at all? Is taking a hot bath bad for you after running? It makes me feel a lot better after running in the cold but I dont know the science behind whether it is helpful or hurtful.

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  1. I was told hot baths are bad because of something with the capillaries in your legs. You will need to google it or something. But Monica suggested I not take a hot bath after Cleveland.

  2. When it's cold outside I love taking a hot shower after a long run...but I'm not sure how good it is for you! Great job on getting your run done!!

  3. All those glass balls look so pretty in the fountain! I love hot showers after cold runs too!

  4. I went to an tri clinic put on by an olympian from Team USA, he said that most people do not use ice baths correctly, that right after the ice bath, your suppose to go into a hot bath for full recovery potential

  5. I could stay in the shower for hours after a cold run! LOL Probably not good for me, though! Those blown glass balls are really pretty!!

  6. I heard that ice baths are not the best for you (I couldn't imagine taking an ice bath anyway). I take a nice hot bath after every half I have ran and I am still alive to tell the tale :)