Monday, October 31, 2011

Vacation Woes and Pro

Woe #1 - Friday we got an email from Travelocity saying that our flight in January had been changed! When I first looked at the changes I noticed that it was a HUGE change! They had canceled our flight from Chicago back to KY! Um hello! sort of need to get back to work for that night!  I called and talked to someone who said that flying in that afternoon was the best they could do! Then, my sister in law calls and asks if i had noticed the problem going OUT of KY?? no...... they had again changed our flight out of KY from am to pm.  which would have been ok except our flight out of Houston, that they did NOT change, left at 9am that same day.  How is that supposed to work?  when Anna called and talked to them the woman told her to wait til 2 weeks before our trip to work it out. No thanks! we are not waiting that close to time to get this worked out.  If it changes again we will worry about it then, but we are not going to wait til 2 weeks prior and have something even more major happen!   We did find that we could fly into and out of another city in Ky and it should all work out. We have not called them back to change our flights. We want to be together when we call so we can just hand the phone over between one another and have them fix us all at the same time. I have 4 reservations under my name and she has 3 under hers.  What a mess!!!

Woe #2 - My husband and I had it all planned out that we would do the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon and Half Marathon next May. A great friend had recently moved back to there and we were going to visit and run in the marathon.  Also, the fact that my husband is a HUGE Packers fan back from the Brett Favre Days was another reason.  Earlier last week we found out that the race in 2012 will NOT run through the Packers stadium due to construction issues. :(

Pro #1 - Thus, I started looking for plan B.  While I was looking for another marathon to do I came across Rock n Roll Seattle which is in June of 2012.  My hubby and I, as well as my parents and aunt and uncle, have been talking about going on an Alaskan cruise.  How awesome would it be if there was  cruise leaving out of Seattle that night or the next day???  Low and behold there is one!!  Actually there are two, one that leaves out that Saturday night (after the race) and one that leaves on Sunday, the day after!  Jeremy and I are seriously considering this race and vacation.  We would love it if my parents and aunt and uncle could come too!


  1. - I hope the airline thing works out

    - I read about the construction for that race, you would figure they could change the route, I bet many people are doing it for the experience of the staduim

    - I love your racecation idea

  2. Come to Seattle it will be fun. :)