Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stiff Sunday

Yesterday Lesley and I ran 12 miles.  It was a good run.  It was faster than what the training plan called for but slower than we had gone for our 10 mile run.  However, the last 2 miles of this run didn't feel like death either like the 8 and 10 milers had. 

We went home, rested, and got cleaned up.  Then Jeremy and I picked up Lesley and drove the first and third legs that we will be running for the Bourbon Chase next week.  (Our second legs are luckily in our hometown so we were already familiar with them.)  Unfortunately that meant we sat in the car for 5 hours driving from place to place.  It was good though, i'm glad to have seen beforehand what kind of hills i'll have to run, but my legs and back are stiff today from sitting so much in the car yesterday.

Today Jeremy and I worked on race trophies for a local race that his brother organizes and puts on.  The race is called the Fox and Hound 4k.

sanded down, before engraving

after the words have been written

after engraving, before being stained

The race is a cross country trail run that goes up and down knobs in a tiny little community in our county.  What is neat is that part of the race runs through the land that Jeremy's dad still owns and runs right by the house where Jeremy and his brothers grew up (his parents don't live there now).  It is a great little run and the scenery is beautiful this time of year with the leaves changing colors. 

The race was started many years ago and during the early 2000's no one stepped up to organize it for a few years.  Jordan, jeremy's brother, decided he would start it back up a few years ago.  The trophies are hand made by Jordan, Jeremy and I.  The race includes a tshirt and pancake breakfast!  You can't beat it!! 

The race is called fox and hound bc many years ago, there was a school in this community and at recess they boys (hounds) would chase the girls (foxes).  So instead of male and female being written on the trophies, it is hound for the males and fox for the females. 


  1. Great job on getting in 12 miles!! And love the homemade race medals. :)

  2. Thanks for taking the time out to make those awards, that is cool

  3. The trophies look great! I didn't know all that history of the race! Jonathan and I really do want to come up sometime and do the fox and hound, but this year we for sure can't. MAYBE next year! We've only been to the festival once since we got married!

  4. Love those awards, hope I win one :)