Wednesday, October 26, 2011

weigh in wednesday

Yesterday was the first time I had gone to a weigh in since my big loss 3 weeks ago.  I have been up, by 4-5 pounds at times, since that week.  I was down to a new low a couple times during those three weeks but then between the Bourbon Chase and my Birthday weekend would go right back up.

I knew I was going to be close to what I was three weeks ago so I decided to go on and go anyway.  Turns out I was up .8....  I was happy though because it's much better than 4-5 pounds. 

I have been fighting a cold all week.  Turns out running Saturday probably wasn't my smartest idea.  Although I felt fine then, I have been super congested with a head cold all week. 

i had planned on running a Halloween Hobble 5K on Saturday but wasn't going to be able to if I had swim practice.  I found out today we don't have practice so it's going to work out! :) Jeremy needs to get in a short long run (13 miles) on Saturday but also wants to see me finish.  So he and Twila are going to start where they usually do and run to the next town over (where the race is being held) so they can see me finish. :)   The mileage works out perfectly and it'll be a different venue for them to run! Yay!!!