Sunday, September 4, 2011

long run sunday

what a difference a week makes. last week was the perfect weather, the perfect run. this weekend it was upper 90's and super humid.  we put off our run from Saturday to Sunday because the high on Sunday was only supposed to be upper 80's, whereas the high saturday was over 100, the hottest day of the year!!

we started at 6:00am to beat the heat.  luckily it was dark for the first hour and then a little cloudy after sunrise.  the heat wasn't too bad but this run was awful from the start. i was plagued with stomach issues the entire time. i tried to make it though but had to stop several times so my stomach would stop rolling.  i made it to the speedway gas station and felt a little better afterwards. i was almost at 4 miles so i figured i'd go on. sure i could get to 5 and then start heading back.  i got to 4.3 and it hit again.  i was on the college campus where i work but didnt have my key to get in the building with me.  (next long run it will be in my spibelt!!)  i ran to two buildings i thought might be open but no such luck. so back to speedway i went.

my pace was off two-three minutes and i decided to go straight back to the car. i was almost at mile 6 at this point and decided i would do 8 rather than 10.  i made a deal with myself that if i could make it to the car at or under the pace i was supposed to go for today then i wouldn't make myself get on the treadmill and finish the 2 miles out after i got home.  it was going to be tough, since miles 2 on had been over my pace. 

i had to stop several times during those two miles.... every time i noticed my pace creeping back up.  i know this is cheating and obviously know i can't do it in a real race.  i was trying to make it through and in fact ran the last 2 miles faster than any of the previous 6!!

i finished the 8 miles with an average pace of 5 seconds faster than my goal!  it was close but i did it!  tomorrow the high is supposed to be 69 degrees and in the low 70's the rest of the week.  i just hope that the weather man is actually correct! hoping for a good run next saturday! 

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  1. Great job for pushing through! And i'm jealous of the cooler temps!