Sunday, September 25, 2011

much better

Saturday I had 6 miles on the schedule.  I was a bit worried about this run since Thursday's had gone so bad.
I met Lesley at 7am and the weather was once again wonderfully cool. Maybe a little too cool since my legs were as pink as my shorts throughout most of the run.

It was pretty foggy and my glasses kept fogging up as well for the majority of the run. Anyone else have that problem that runs with glasses?  I don't do contacts! :) Any advice to keep them from fogging up when it's foggy or raining?? you spit in goggles to keep them from fogging up but i'm not sure that will help with glasses......

We did our usual route and stopped twice to refill our water bottles and once to gu.  For the first 5 miles we were at at 11:58 avg and walked for a minute or so longer than we usually do on that last mile.  We ended up finishing with a 12:07 pace for all 6 miles!  I got a new best 5 mile time again!  woo hoo!!  I was glad to redeem myself after Thursday's mishap. 


  1. Nice running, though I do think you secretly wanted that Pukie

  2. That's awesome, way to go!! Sorry, no advice on the glasses. That's why i stick to contacts!

  3. Great job! No idea on the glasses as I don't wear them.