Thursday, September 22, 2011

WHAT just happened??

Today I met my friend Lesley for a 4 mile run.  The weather was warm, but nothing like it had been, upper 60's and sunny. 

When we got to our 1 minute walk, after 9 of runniing I asked why it felt so much harder than our 10 miles we did on Friday?  It was just not coming easy today.  We had planned to do 2 miles out and 2 back, but about 1.47, I had to stop and walk, even though it wasn't at my regularly scheduled walking time.  Lesley was ahead of me about and asked if it was time to walk (the battery had died on her garmin). I said no, but that i needed to slow down a minute my stomach was bothering me.  We walked to 1.5 and I stopped my watch and sat down on the brick wall.  I wasn't sure if i was going to throw up, pass out, or what.....  I hadn't eaten before I ran so I'm not sure if my blood sugar bottomed out or exactly what the cause was.   I gave her my watch and told her to go on, she needed to be back at her house at a certain time and i didnt want her to wait for me.

I didnt have my phone on me, so i couldnt call anyone to come get me. I kept hoping i would see a familiar car drive by that i could flag down.  I wasn't really near anywhere that I could go and use the bathroom. Plus, I was on one of the busiest roads in town, so I couldnt just go behind a bush!  I sat there for about 5 minutes when it started to pass and i finally started to feel better. No Pukie Award for me from BDD! Jeremy was going to be coming by me on his 5 mile run, so i waited for him. He stopped and i told him what had happened.  he was going to go on and finish his run (he still had about 2 miles to go) and then come back to me with the car.

i asked him what his running time was at that point so i could know how long i had been sitting there.  Since i was feeling better i decided to start making my way back to the car.  We took off and i did a very slow run back to the car.  Jeremy passed me about .5 mile from the car I told him I could make it to the car and to keep his watch going so i would know how long it took me to get there.

Lesley came back by me in her car when i had ..25 left and asked if i wanted a ride. i told her no that i could make it.   My last 1.5 was 2 minutes slower per mile than the first 1.5 miles but I did finish my run!!  It wasn't fast or pretty for sure!

I definitely learned to take my phone with me on all runs!! even on short ones when i dont think i'll need it!


  1. glad you're feeling better! I've had this happen to me once, NO idea why either. I don't bring my phone for anything under 18 but I'm realizing I should too! :(

  2. Ugh!!! Glad you're feeling better! I always forget my phone....wah!

  3. ohhhhhh comeeeeeee onnnnnnn, you know you want a Pukie