Friday, September 9, 2011

Ready for the Weekend

I work Sunday - Thursday, so today is my "Saturday".

Jeremy and I have had our eye on a couch for some time now. I had bought a new couch about 4 years ago but it did not hold up to every day use. The couch we have been watching went on sale a couple weeks ago and the last day for it to be on sale is tomorrow. We have a furniture envelope (thanks to Dave Ramsey) and plan on using our birthday money (his in august, mine is oct) to pay for the rest of it. So this morning we took our old couch out to the garage, til we can figure out what to do with it. We probably should have gotten someone to come help us bc it was very heavy and hard to maneuver in and out of the house. Our backs are both a little achey right now.... :(

But it was worth it. The couch is bigger than our last one and looks much nicer. Now the hard part of not ever allowing Deuce on it. The couch was his favorite place to lay.

yes that is a sock. we had a lot of fun dropping them from the balcony on him. he wouldnt even flich.

After we got it home and in the living room, we headed downtown to the local arts festival. All the items are made in KY and are very neat to look at. Of course they have "festival food" and we had to see what kind of fried items they had. There was one place that was called "Stuff on a Stick". It had fried cheesecake, snickers, bologna, pizza, you name it they had it. We decided to split a smores on a stick. Not fried, but very good. it was 6 marshmellows on a stick, covered in chocolate and graham cracker crust.

Tomorrow we are going to the Louisville Zoo where Jeremy's company picnic will be and then are staying the night in an old famous hotel "The Brown" where they invented the KY Hotbrown. If you have never had a hotbrown or heard of one, look it up, they are phenominal!!


  1. Nice couch! Never heard of hotbrown...going to look it up now!

  2. Love the couch! We are in desperate need of a new one!!

  3. I am the owner of Stuff on a Stick. We appreciate the good review!

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