Monday, September 19, 2011

NEW gu's!!

due to all the long runs that jeremy and i have been doing the past couple months, our gu stock pile was dwindling fast. 

jeremy and i both like chocolate and mint chocolate but we have been using the mint the past month. so we decided to get a large box of chocolate that we both can use.  jeremy likes vanilla and i dont and i like tri berry and he doesnt so we got a small box of each of those. 

we decided to try the NEW chocolate raspberry roctane and got a small box of it 1) bc it is so much more expensive and 2) bc we didnt want to get stuck with it if we ended up not liking it. 

i asked a friend if she wanted to go in on our order so we could get free shipping.. and she said yes!! woo hoo!

I used the chocolate raspberry on Friday and loved it!!!  it tastes just as good as the regular chocolate and mint chocolate!  it's definitely worth a try!


  1. Doesnt chocolate dry the mouth out? Thats why I havent tried a chocolate flavored GU