Wednesday, July 7, 2010

biking - take 2

tonight was group bike night. i was really excited about this ride bc they were going on the road my parents live on. i was really unexcited about the 92 degrees it was at start time.

after the ride, everyone was going to kathy's house for food and to see her new patio furniture! :) it looked very good by the way! she wanted to cut back early and get ready for her guests and I volunteered to go back with her. unfortunately that meant skipping the road i wanted to go on! :( i know there will be other rides and really dont regret missing it too much. it was so hot i was glad to come back early.

we did 14 miles which is now my second longest ride ever, so not too shabby! proud to say that this week was easier than last and not just bc we did less milage!

tomorrow morning i'm running on the treadmill. i've had enough of the hot and humid for this week, i'll take my airconditioned treadmill any day!

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