Sunday, July 18, 2010


I did it! I reached my goal of a 5k under 40 minutes! 39:16 to be exact on a very hilly course to say the least. The first 2 miles is uphill, with the last mile being downhill with some flat stretches.

Jeremy had said he would run this race with me, but after looking at last years results and seeing he could get first based on his current times, I could tell he wanted to run it on his own. Which was fine with me bc I already had another running buddy lined up! :) One of my swim dad's that I have know since I started coaching 8 years ago, David, has started running and goes about the same pace as me. We both wanted to break 40, so we figured we could run together and push each other. I wore the Forerunner so we knew what our pace was and what we had to go or not go in order to break 40.

The course was seriously uphill the first two miles, but our pace was good and we rocked it! What's encouraging is most of the fast runners had slower times today due to hills and heat and humidity, so I figure on a flatter, cooler race day we will really drop a lot of time!

Jeremy unfortunately did not have a good race today, as he got lost on the course and took a 3 minute detour in the wrong direction! It wasn't meant to be I guess for him to win his age group. Even if he had run a PR, there were 3 other guys in his age group today that were 3-4 minutes faster. We haven't seen them at other races this year, so we weren't expecting them. Hopefully they wont be at any of the future races either for Jeremy's sake! :)

the next race is in two weeks. it's a 5K cross country course and a 1 mile track run. I'm seriously leaning towards only doing the 1 mile. Cross country is NOT my thing. (Plus my running buddy wont be there!)

here's a picture of me and jeremy pre-race

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  1. Congrats, Crystal! Every milestone is a *huge* accomplishment!