Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot, hot, hot

The heat and humidity are back! This week is my first week of my half training. The program I am using starts off with 15 minute runs 2 times a week with a long run of 3 miles on saturday.

I also want to work on my 5k time this summer. I thought I would do the 15 minutes (rather than run a full 30-40 that i know i can do) and try to run faster during that time.

I had a swim lesson at 7:45 an was going to the movies after that so i thought running before would be a good idea. It was and it wasn't. It wa still 90 degrees at 7:00 pm. Can we say miserable? Oh I think we can!!

I started off not knowing whether i was going to run the whole 15 minutes or do the run/walk technique that my half program is based on. One minute in, I knew there was no way in that heat I could run the speed I wanted and maintain it.

So I did 1 min run/ 1 min walk and ran faster than i normally do when i'm out for a run for that minute. My time after one mile was only 2 seconds slower than my first mile had been at the 5k on saturday. I thought that was great considering I walked for half a mile of it. Which let's me know that I just need to work on my endurance of running faster!

Overall, I was pleased with my run but. I know that I will definitely be hitting the treadmill for my Thursday run this week! 98 degrees for a high = no outside running for me!

I bike with the group again tonight. It's supposed to be very hot again but I still want to go since they are going to be riding on the road I grew up on and where my parents still live.

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