Saturday, July 10, 2010

new shoes

Jeremy has been telling me for months that i need to buy some "good" running shoes. The shoes i currently have are from kohls and give me blisters if i dont wear thick socks. i have been holding back bc i didnt want to spend that much money on shoes if i wasn't going to continue running.

he decided to get some new shoes today so i figured why not? if i'm going to run a half i probably need some good shoes now. so we went to the local bike and footwear shop and unfortunately they didnt have color or kind i wanted. they didnt have jeremy's either :( so we went to hibbetts and found mine there. jeremy still had no luck finding what he wanted and in the right color.

i ended up with a pair of pink gel nimbus 12's. They are very pretty and will match my pink running outfit very nicely! (which is all that really matters, right?)

*on a side note, jeremy ran in a 5k this morning and kicked some booty! he got a personal best by 35 seconds and got under 25 minutes for the first time. he went 24.42 on a very hilly course. i'm so proud of him! he keeps dropping time every week!

i didnt run this in the 5k this morning. i was feeling very sluggish last night and woke up this morning with an upset stomach. i have definitely learned my lesson of deciding not to run when my stomach is not functioning properly. :(

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