Sunday, July 11, 2010

Running on Marshmellows

Tonight was my first run in my new shoes! Running on marshmellows is the closest thing I can compare it to. They felt great! Jeremy has said shoes make the difference. Don't know if they will help me to drop time, but they did feel very comfy!

I needed to do my long run of 3 miles this week but wanted to wait til it got cooler this evening. Jeremy and I worked in the yard for a while this afternoon then went to my parents to get rid of some limbs. Since we were getting short on daylight hours we decided to run the 3.1 tonight on my parents road. The road was very hilly. We went out and back so there was a steap downhill and uphill and a steady uphill the first half and then a steady downhill and steep downhill and uphill the second half. The steep uphill at the end did me in! It was horrible! I walked up it and almost couldn't do that without stopping! Mom said they call it heartbreak hill. I think heart attack hill is more like it!

Overall, my time was faster than the liberty 5k and my first mile was the best one mile time I have ever done. The third mile was really bad but I attribute that to heart attack hill!

This week my short runs will be 17 min long with a 5k on Saturday in Stanford. Im still focusing on getting faster during the shorter runs. Jeremy said he could tell a big difference tonight in my speed from the last time he ran with me. Cross training this week will consist of biking Wednesday night and swim lessons mon, tues, and thurs.

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