Monday, July 26, 2010

water bottle grab and coming soon sweaty bands give away!

last night jeremy and I went for a bike ride. we hadn't been on a ride in 3 weeks so it was nice to get back out and take a leisurely ride. during the ride i decided i was going to try to be one of those bikers that can drive their bike with one hand and get a drink of water from their water bottle with the other without stopping. i had reached down a few times but had never been successful at actually getting my water bottle out. last night though was a different story! i was able to successfully steer and hold on to my bike handle with my right hand and grab my water bottle with my left and take a drink AND put it back in the cage! some of you might not think that this is a big thing, but to me it is bc I am still uncomfortable holding on with one hand and am no where near being on my bike with NO hands. jeremy tried that last night and it scares me just watching him!

i didn't wear my sweaty band last night and boy could i tell a difference! i had sweat all over my face and forehead and that pesky line of water dripping right into the corner of my eye was back! :( i could definitely tell a difference when not wearing compared to when i did wear it! is sending me 2 bands to give away. so check back soon for the sweaty bands give away. go on and become a follower now so you can get a headstart on the process!

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  1. Oo - oo

    I want them! A lot!
    Really, really a lot!

    I think that I should get extra credit for that!