Thursday, July 22, 2010

crazy busy

Running this week for me has been a definite struggle. I haven't ran at all since Saturday's 5K. We are trying to put our house on the market and I have been crazy busy trying to get it clean and straight! This week in my half training I should have 2 short 20 min. runs with a long run of 5 miles on Friday. So far my 2 20 min. runs have not happened at all and tomorrow is Friday!! I am going to run/walk tonight for 20 min. I will run/walk tomorrow the 5 miles, then run 20 min. on Sunday to get in the run I have skipped. Next week will start 23 min. short runs and a 6 mile run on Saturday (although due to a race that weekend, I'm not sure how that will work out! I might just skip it and do 7 the following week - we shall see!)

Last week my friend Twila ordered a road bike. She got a Trek as well. It came in this past Tuesday, so we set up a bike ride for last night. One of my former swimmers (Josh), who house sits for Twila, also has a bike, as well as one of my current swimmers. So we all decided to bike together last night. We couldnt' ride with the bike group bc of time issues, so we decided we would be our own bike group last night!

It was a nice ride. It wasn't too hot out. We rode 14.66 miles, just a down and back stretch with rolling hills. It's the same course the sprint tri will be, so i was glad to bike it and have an estimated time for the biking part of it! Twila got to ride her bike for the first time ever, and I got to ride mine for the first time in 2 weeks! Boy, had i missed it!! After the ride, Josh did a little bike tutorial for us, since Twila and I are new to changing gears and knowing when to shift out of the front ones. We plan to go on a ride again next wednesday!

I had planned on running after biking last night but when i got home i was tired and had to make dinner for my hubby, so it just didnt happen! :( atleast i did exercise yesterday, even though it wasnt' running!

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