Sunday, February 19, 2012

6 miles and a late date

Saturday morning Lesley and I had planned on running 8 miles.  I was a little worried since I haven't run over 3.5 in the past month, but still planned on going and at least trying it, even if it meant it was a slow 8 miles.  The weather was nice, mid 40's-50's so tights and a long sleeve tech were all I needed.

The run started out good but quickly I realized that 8 wasn't going to happen.  I can't explain how I felt. Nothing hurt, I wasn't really winded, I was just really drained.  I blame my head cold that still hadn't gone away.  I was spitting and snot rocketing every few minutes.  Lesley wanted to call it at 6 too but i told her to go on she could do it and I didn't want to be the cause of her not getting in her mileage.  Overall my pace was a bit higher than I wanted but was still decent considering my month long hiatus in long runs. 

After running, my niece and nephew were dropped off and we were able to babysit them for a few hours before taking them up to their parents house an hour away in Lexington. Jeremy and I were going to go to Lex on a date night and buy me some new running shoes so it worked out well.  I watched Andrew inside, while Jeremy took Anika outside on our playground.  Yes, we have a playground, no we don't have kids.....  The house we bought had a nice wooden playground in the yard and we left it there for when Anika and Andrew come to play. 

After a few hours of playing with them, we drove them to Lexington. Jeremy and I went to Dick's sporting goods to get my new shoes.  I had already tried them on and knew what I was going to get.  Brooks Ghost 4 in green (surprise, surprise). 

Only to find that they were out of the size I needed! I had them call the Dicks' on the other side of town and they were out of that size too!  I'm going to try a couple places here in Danville before I order them online. 

Jeremy and I then went to our reservation at the Melting Pot and enjoyed a nice dinner together!  My head cold had taken a turn for the worse and instead of seeing a movie I just wanted to go home and lay in bed.  I took a couple NyQuil and slept for 12 hours.  Even when I woke up I was only out of bed long enough to eat before getting back in.  Unfortunately because I work on Sundays I did have to get up and come in to work.  I'm feeling better, but am still pretty snotty.  We didn't go swim today like we had planned either. :(   The thought of getting in cold water and not being able to breathe kept that from happening.  Tomorrow though I'm going to go because the coach will be there and I'm not paying him for me not to be there.


  1. Love the color of the shoes! I have never tried the Ghost before?

  2. Love the new kicks! I have always wanted to try the Melting day!