Sunday, February 5, 2012


On Thursday while Jordan and Anna were on their anniversary day date and my in laws watched the kids, Jeremy and I went on a hike.  Jeremy had done some research and found that the first 2 miles of the famous hike to the Na Pali coast started at a beach near our resort and ended at another beach, then if we wanted we could go another 2 miles to a waterfall. We packed a few waters and a cereal bar for each of us, thinking we could get there and back in about 2-3 hours. 

We figured the trail would be semi flat since it was going from one beach to another beach.... boy were we WRONG!!!  The path went up and down and up and down two mountains to get to the beach.  It took us 2 hours to do 2 miles to the beach!  There were many, many times I wanted to turn back. We talked about turning back several times, but I knew Jeremy really wanted to go on so I stuck it out.  (now that's love!) 

The hike was beautiful but it was very steep, rocky, slippery, and wet. 

Ke'e Beach - where we started from

the rocky path up

the beach you can see, is the one we started at

of course it rained on us :(

everything was so green!


red dirt - hard to clean

mountain stream

getting close to the beach we are going to


the stream where we cleaned off our muddy shoes

finally we made it!

now we just have to hike back :(

4 hours later - finally done with the hike

 Both of us had only brought our good running shoes with us on vacation, definitely not expecting to getting them very dirty on the trip.  Jeremy did promise me I could go on and get a new pair though when we got back to KY. I am a couple months away from needing some so I definitely wont complain with getting them a little early! :)  

before we started

mid-hike before cleaning them off in the stream

at the end of the hike

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  1. What a beautiful hike, and so green! glad you didn't get swept away by unseen currents!