Thursday, February 9, 2012

biggest loser edition

This year's theme is no excuses. However, they sure are tearing through them this season. 

Last week's theme was "I can't lose weight without a gym". The team that lost the challenge didn't have the gym for a week and then proceeded to lose the weigh in.  This week the theme was "I can't lose weight alone". The team that lost the challenge didn't have a trainer for a week and then they proceeded to lose the weigh in as well.  They did make the statement after weigh in and the team without a trainer had lost, that on BL it is important to have a trainer.  Well, duh!!  But the thing is they still had a trainer in Kim who Dolvette told to lead the group.

I can not stand Conda, she drives me nuts!  She keeps saying "we dont need drama, we dont need attitude" and she is the one stirring stuff up every week.  I'm sure Adrian wasn't blameless but Conda definitely didnt' make it easy on him.  I'm sure the confrontation next week with his sister will be interesting.  I really hope her teams sees that she is causing problems and will kick her off. 

There's really no one I am rooting for this season.  I like Cassandra and Buddy. They are probably my two current favorites, but other than those two nobody really stands out to me.

what's your take on this season?
any favorites? 


  1. oh I CAN'T STAND Conda! She didn't even blink when Dolvette called her out on all her complaining and the way she was talking about Adrian. She should at least have the grace to be embarrassed. I hope she gets voted out soon. I agree that Adrian didn't handle everything well, but I think he felt defensive from the start due to the animosity he felt from his own team.

  2. I couldnt stand Adrian, I think he was lying about everything, 14 hour work outs, pleaseeeeeee, then he couldnt handle the ranchs workouts. I am glad he is gone. Conda gets on my last nerve, and her rival on the other team, seriously, its like high school has hit the biggest loser.