Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I cook, I clean, I smell like pool chlorine!

I've told you before Jeremy and I love changing song lyrics to fit our lives.  Here's the original version of the song in case you haven't heard it.

Cooking and cleaning may or may not be true today, but the third one definitely is!  Even after a bath and shower, I still smell like chlorine!!  I had my second practice today.  I did more yardage today and did a lot of drills again. The coach said though that he sped me through the drills, ya know since I got skills and all (he didn't say that part) so I would be on track with everyone else that started a couple weeks ago.

He said he polled everyone and asked if they wanted to do more stroke drills for other strokes or if they wanted workouts for more triathlon training.  The results were about half and half.  Not sure what he'll do with that.  I told him I was more interested in training also, not necessarily for a tri, even though I do want to do one, but I just want to get in some yardage and get back in shape and lose weight.  There are swim meets for masters swimmers around KY, so maybe in the future I'll compete in some swim meets, but not just yet.

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  1. Gotta love when someone at work says "do you smell chlorine?"