Sunday, February 12, 2012

Turkish Getups take 2

I have been super lazy the past week.  I only ran once, one mile, last week.  I did swim twice though so hopefully that makes up for a little bit of my non-running.  It's not that I didnt want to, just didnt have time or had other things to do, like dentist appts and staff meetings.

Today Jeremy said he was bored and that we either needed to do something or eat something! So I took this as an invitation to finally persuade him to do Shred with Weights with me! He had gotten me the Jillian Micheal's kettle bell set for Christmas and it has been in the closet, unopened since then. 

He used the 15lb weight, while I used the 5.  I hadn't done Shred with Weights since last summer, so I wanted to start with the smallest kettle bell.  We were both sweating by the time we finished!  I was proud of myself bc last summer when I did Shred I couldn't do the Turkish Getup's at all.  They hurt my knees, I couldn't get the rhythm down, it was a mess.  This time though, I was able to do them with no problems.  

Next time I'm going to try the 10lb kettle bell and see how that goes.  My quads are already sore from it so it might be a few days before I try it again. 

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