Saturday, February 25, 2012

My shoes are here and a watchless run

I ended up having to order my Brooks Ghost 4 shoes because neither of the stores in town had them.

I out them on after today's long run just around the house for a bit. I didn't want to wear them for the first time on an 8 mile run. Can't wait to wear them this week though. They are so pretty! I have wanted green shoes for two years now!

I realized after leaving my house that my wrist felt light. I looked and sure enough I had forgotten my watch. I knew Lesley would have hers and thought it might be good for me to run without mine for once.

This morning lesley and I ran 8 miles. We seriously talked about only doing 6. We decided to run how we would run I we were running 8 then if we got to the turn around if we still weren't feeling it we could cut out the cemetery.

After the turn around lesley headed back in to the cemetery and so I followed not questioning. We did one and a half laps in the cemetery which I thought would put us closer to 7 but turns out it put us almost at 8. We had to run around the edge of the parking lot we meet at to get in the last tenth to make it an even 8.

Running without my watch didn't bother me too much. I thought I would be constantly looking at my wrist but I wasn't. I did ask lesley a few times distance and time.

Unless its a race I have to stop on a full number. I hate having . something unless it's .5

Do you have to stop at an even or full number?
Or do you stop when you get back to your starting point no matter what the distance is?
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  1. I used to be really anal about making sure my runs quit at an even number but I seem to have got over it. I think I could run without a Garmin as long as someone else had one on!