Thursday, February 16, 2012

That Perfect Plan

You know the one. The plan where you have so much to do and you think you have it all worked out, then oops you completely forgot about something and it all changes...... yeah that plan.

This week I have been helping Twila at her school with a running group. It's this week only, for an hour on Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday.  I have swim practice for me on Monday and Wednesday.  My coach wasn't going to be there on Wednesday so I was could go in another day to do the workout on my own anyway.  Since I was helping Twila I couldn't go yesterday so I planned on going today.  But after I thought about it I figured I could just go on Friday after I help her and take a nap today! I really need a nap. I'm starting to get a head cold and just need some down time.

As I'm laying in bed thinking about all the stuff I need to do tomorrow, I realize that open swim is over at 3 and I get done helping Twila at 2:35.  There's no way I can get in the workout in less than 25 minutes, it's too late to go to the pool today, so that means I will have to go on Sunday during open swim, not what I had planned.  On the bright side though, Jeremy can come with me on Sunday and swim too. 

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