Saturday, July 30, 2011

1 mile race

today there was a one mile race on the track and a 5k cross country race.  Jeremy was planning on doing the cross country race, which I knew i was not going to do. However, I was toying with the one mile on the track.  I know I have gotten faster the past few weeks and my current one mile pr was from last august!  I still wasn't sure if i wanted to do it or not. 

Before bed I went through the pros and cons:
pros - get a new pr, break a 10 min mile and get donut holes for which i have been craving lately.
cons - not get a new pr and be very disappointed, have people i know watching me and getting past by 4 and 5 year olds, getting lapped by must faster people. 

I decided i would wake up in the morning and see how i felt.  any belly issues and i definitely would not be running!  i woke and was able to take care of everything before we left. jeremy checked the weather and it was 75 out at 7am.  We got to the race, paid and walked down to the track.  It was extremely humid!

There were several kids and a few older men and woman. I walked up and down the track for a few minutes before going to stand with jeremy and a former swimmer.  They called us to the start and we were off.

The air was extremely humid. it felt very thick to run through.  They had sprinklers on watering the football field and i tried to time it so that when it was hitting the track i could run through it but it seemed every time i got close it went back to just hitting the grass on the field. 

After the first lap i looked down at my watch and was doing a 9 min something mile.  holy smoke! i was flying.  lap 2-3 i slowed down and the next time i looked at my watch it read about an 11 min. mile.  at this point i was hoping i could still get a pr but figured breaking 10 and getting donut holes were out of the question. 

I looked at my time at the last straight stretch and it read 9:30. if i really sprinted i could finish under 10.  i was able to pick it up a little but my legs just couldnt go any  faster.  i finished with a 10:04!!  a 30 second pr!!! i am really happy about my new pr, but really bummed not to break 10.....i really wanted some donut holes!!  We got medals and ribbons for the 1 mile run and the 5k.  Jeremy finished 1 minute faster than he did last year on the same course and came in second in his age group.


  1. That's still great! Congrats!! Love the medal and the ribbon! :0)

  2. hey great job!! A 30 second PR is awesome!

  3. 10:04 is amazing. Seriously amazing. I am soooo proud of you.