Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh so sore!!

Still feeling it in my legs from Shred with Weights Level 2 from Monday!  I became even more sore after last night deciding to run 2 miles on the treadmill as fast as i could.

I did 2 miles in a 10:59 pace.  the first mile i started out under a 10 minute pace but couldnt keep it up for the whole mile. i felt like i couldn't breathe and it was only 3 tenths in!  :( i had to slow down and ended up finishing in a 10:31 which is my best 1 mile time, although i wont count it since it was on the treadmill.  mile 2 was a little slower but felt more comfortable.

i think that next time i try to do 2 miles for speed i'm going to start at a 10:30ish pace and go faster rather than trying to go fast and then having to slow down. 

today is a rest day and geez do i need it.  i'm hobbling around like an old lady!  i thought you were supposed to exercise your soreness to work it out??  too bad that it just made me even more sore!


  1. 10:59!!! Girl, that is awesome!!! Good plan... start slower, and then power it up!
    Wow... I need to get that workout DVD!!! Did you still use the handweights, or did you get a kellebell?

  2. Way to go! Sometimes I feel like a really old lady after working out..takes me a bit to straighten up when getting up after a good workout lol.

  3. I love that "sore" feeling after a good workout! I worked legs yesterday and find myself saying "ouch" every time i stand up!
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  4. Not sure if I said this or not, but Shred it with Weights level 2 was a KILLER! UGH! I only did it a few times, then I went back to Ripped in 30! lol