Monday, July 11, 2011

all is well

Deuce is doing great after his surgery.  All the tumors ended up being fatty tissue that had calcified.  He was a bit drowsy on Friday when I brought him home, but by Saturday he was back to his normal self. :) so relieved and happy that he is ok. 
a little drowsy

stitches on his side
Jeremy's truck on the other hand doesn't look so well.  Hopefully we will find out this week if it's totaled or not.  We have been talking about what kind of vehicle we would get if it is.  We are thinking of a Ford Edge or Ford Escape.  Does anyone have one or do you know someone that has one?  Do they like it?  We have been looking at some 2008's. since the truck was already paid off, we dont want to get something that we have to make payments on.  
Jeremy's poor truck :(

Saturday I was scheduled to do 8 miles. I knew I was going to have to do it some other time bc I had a yard sale planned with my mother in law for a few weeks.  I made over $150 at the sale! I was very excited, especially with the $500 vet bill we just got!  I had planned on running Saturday night but my brother in law, niece and nephew came over.  We attempted to recreate the s'mores burgers again and this time we were successful!!!  They were delicious!!  

Sunday, I planned on running in the evening after my sunday afternoon nap, but Jeremy's parents called and wanted to eat dinner with us. After dinner we drove around to a few local car dealers to get a feel for what they had.  By the time we got home it was 9:00pm and too late to run 8 miles on the treadmill and have to get up to work.  I did do 2 miles but that was it.  
Now the question is do i do 8 miles instead of the 4 on the schedule next Saturday, with 10 the following week. OR do i do 4 this week still, then change the 10 to 8 the following week??  I have 2 10's on the schedule, so I dont feel bad switching one to an 8 so i dont have to do two long runs back to back weekends. Decisions, decisions.....


  1. Hey birthday buddy

    I am glad everyone is doing ok, this had to been a rough week

  2. Do the 8 next weekend. Could you make this weekend 6? Why are you bumping up the miles so quick?

  3. I would not recommend the 2008 Ford Escape. We just sold ours a few months ago and had bought it less than a year ago. The seats were the most uncomfortable of any vehicle we had ever had.

  4. Poor pup! Glad he's doing better. The car, on the other hand, YIKES! Good luck :)

  5. I'm glad your pup is ok! Just found your blog and it looks like we are around the same pace on running. Will be following you now! :)

  6. Oh, your poor truck. How sad! I'm glad your dog is feeling better though :)