Wednesday, July 13, 2011

not out of the woods yet....

Monday night late, about 11:30pm, Deuce got sick and threw up twice on the carpet.  Then again once on Tuesday morning.  I called the vet and he said to stop giving him any food or his medication that it was probably making his stomach upset.

After lunch, Jeremy texted me and said Deuce was shaking and not looking good.  I left work and came home to take him to the vet.  He had a temperature and the vet wanted to give him an iv and some antibiotics to get his temp down.  I left and was to come back a couple hours later.

When I arrived later, the vet met with me and said that Deuce was in bad shape after I left. They had put in the iv and he started having trouble breathing. The vet said he turned blue!!!  So they sedated him and put in a breathing tube and he pinked up.  They waited til I got there to wake him up from the sedation.  My mom had come to the vet to be with me and we went back together.

Deuce was shaking and breathing hard.  Not in as much distress as he was earlier, but not his normal breathing.  I was able to take him home but was to call the number to the vet if anything happened.  We got home and he did eat a little food. I had some wet dog food that I opened and gave to him. But wouldn't eat the rest of the night.

This morning he still wouldn't eat any food, but he did drink some water.   He is moving very slowly and I can tell he still doens't feel well at all.  I pray that he gets better as the day goes on. 

Deuce dressed up as a hula dog for my 30th Bday/Halloween party


  1. I am sending as much postive and healing thoughts I can for Duece. I hope he gets better soon

  2. Oh poor Duecey. I hope that he gets better soon!

  3. Poor thing! I hope he feels better soon. Nothing worse than seeing your animals in pain!

  4. Poor little guy. Add my positive thoughts and energy to those who posted above. I hope he feels better soon!

  5. :( Hope he feels better really soon... So hard to see doggies in pain and sick... *hugs*