Friday, July 8, 2011

Shred with weights day 1 and a rough day

I skipped running last night and did Shred with Weights instead. This was my first time doing it and i really liked it.  i have yet to buy a kettle bell yet so just used a 5 lb dumbbell, which Jillian says is ok! There were only 2 parts that i didnt like.  one i didnt like just bc i'm out of shape and it made my quads burn, the other one "turkish getups" hurt my knees.  guess i'll try to do another activity instead of that one in the future. 

yesterday i took my boy Deuce to the vet for his rabies shots.  while we were there the vet looked at some "lumps" that he had had the year before and I showed him a new one that had come up recently.  the vet said we should have them taken out just to be on the same side. so we scheduled his surgery for today.  i dropped him off this morning and called at noon but they hadn't even started on him yet.  The vet thinks that they are probably fatty tissue that has calcified but wanted to take them out to make sure since he is older. 

to make matters worse, last night Jeremy was in a wreck on his way home from a little after 1am.  He was going through an intersection, when another car ran the red light and Jeremy t-boned him.  He is ok although his back was a little sore last night.  His truck though is not drivable at the moment.  We are borrowing my parents extra car until we can figure out if we need a rental and how long it will take for his truck to be fixed or if it's totaled. 

Hoping things don't come in three's!!!


  1. Sorry about your spate of bad luck! Your dog is pretty cute.

  2. Awww Deuce is adorable!!! Just found your blog :)

  3. Hey, I have that DVD. I've never tried it though. oops!! I did buy a kettle ball finally but still haven't used it. Double oops!! Thanks for reminding me about it! HA!

    Oh no! Sorry about your dog and your husband. That's not good! I hope they both get better soon. Looks like you will be playing nurse for a while! Hang in there.!

  4. Good luck with Shred It! I love it when my quads burn! Is that weird?

    Sorry to hear about your dog and husband. Hope both are ok.

    Thanks for linking up with FF!

  5. my daughter swears by all Biggest Loser workouts, I need to try one of them out? I do like the kettle ball tho. visiting from blog hop

  6. I'm sorry about J's wreck. Jonathan told me about it the other morning. Glad to hear that he is ok! I've just started doing Zumba workouts. I love them, but they kill me!

  7. Hi, I also have that DVD....I like it! I love the kettle bell. Thanks for linking up to my "Fitness Friday" I hope to see you again. :) Deuce is so sweet!!

  8. Sorry to hear about the accident :(

    Im your newest follower... :)