Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend recap

hello to my new followers!  i've gained several the past couple weeks! I hope you all will stick around through my running and weight loss journey!

quick Deuce update for everyone that was keeping track - Deuce is back to 100%. He has been his normal self the past 3 days. although he is much more lovey dovey but i'm ok with that! he goes on friday to have his stitches removed.

Friday night I went with 2 of my girl friends to see "Horrible Bosses".  Good move, funny, much like the Hangover and Bridesmaids. 

Saturday I had my 4 mile run.  We got up at 6:15a.m., met Twila and Angie at 7.  Twila and Jeremy were doing 14, while Angie and I were only doing 4.  It was a great run for me!  I did walk twice during mile 2.  once was around mile 2.2, then again at 2.9-3.0.  when i looked at my watch at mile 3.0, i saw that i was a couple minutes under 40 minutes.  i knew that i could run fast for that tenth and have a 5k time on a training run under 40.  i have only been under 40 for a 5k twice.  the first time was a year ago to the day.  i finished it at 39.55!! and that's with walking TWICE!! i slowed down to finish the last mile.  my pace for all 4 was 12:56.  woo hoo!!

I also received my RoadID in the mail on Saturday!  I opted for the large size. even though it's a little big on me, it will fit both jeremy and i.  I got the green, slim version. Mine and Jeremy's name and info are on there, as well as an emergency contact.  This way we can both use it. the only time we run at the same time right now is on saturday mornings.  during the week, he can use it in the mornings when he runs and i can use it at night. 

Sunday - Jeremy and I went with a friend to see Harry Potter.  a lot of people clapped at the end, however i was sitting there crying.  it was a good movie and i was sad to see it all end.  it really makes me want to go back and reread the books.  Jeremy and I also watched the Lincoln Lawyer that night on pay per view. we had a free movie coupon and wanted to use it before we forgot about it (like the last one we got). 

this week my goals are:
*get in 3 runs, including an 8 miler on saturday
*one bike ride
*shred with weights 1-2 times
*be down 1-2 pounds at ww on thursday.


  1. That is the color Road ID that I want! Can't wait to order mine.

  2. Great job on your run! I saw Harry Potter this weekend too...i thought it was very good, but sad that it's come to an end!

  3. My sisters and I went to the Midnight showing. We loved it, but I was sad at the end. I told J the next day that I need to reread them too!