Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Half way report

Since the year is half over, I decided to look at my goals for 2011 and see where I am.  As it turns out, I"m not doing so well! :(

*run a 5K in under 30 minutes - not yet
*run a half marathon in under 2:45, preferably under 2:30 - not yet
*do 2 or more triathlons - have done 1
*lose weight (which will help a lot with the first two goals)  - yes!  lost 11+ pounds so far, with more to come
*stop drinking soft drinks (had quit, but during my sickness started again) - whoops i had forgotten about this one completely! :(
*get at least 1-2 more states marked off my list - changed this goal specifically to half marathons - not just any races - no new states marked off yet, but am looking at getting a KY half in the fall and maybe one in WV and TN marked off
*cook more - Yes! have been cooking and eating at home more

Possible Halfs -  none of these has or will happen. However, there is one in KY, WV, and TN that I am looking at for the fall.
Lexington Run for the Bluegrass - April 3rd
Derby MiniMarathon - April 30th

Estes Park Half- June 12
Mount Desert Marathon 2 person relay - Oct. 16 - Jeremy and I would do this full together as a team
RnR Las Vegas Half - Dec. 4th


  1. Nice half way report

    I vote for the Oct 16th race, cuz its my birthday!!! Glad I could help you settle that delimna

    As for your question, I have to pay full price of an triathlon to do the aquabike, it sucks since I am only doing 2/3's of the race.

  2. You are doing better than I have, since I never bothered to set goals for the year.

    I will take this as a kick in the butt to set some 1/2 year fitness goals.

  3. You did a triathlon!!!??!??! You are my Hero!!!!! I have the same goal to run a 5k under 30. We are going to do it girl!! Keep up the great work!!! Yay for finding a new friend!