Friday, July 29, 2011

7 links for Fitness Friday

Karen from Just Me and My Running Shoes tagged me in her post of “My 7 links”!   
Most Beautiful Post:

I am picking the post of the night my nephew was born.  my husband and I don't have any children so our niece and nephew are the closest thing we have (other than Deuce)! See and read about Baby Andrew here

Most Popular Post:
My most popular post, other than when i had a giveaway, was when i did my first speed training run which you can read about here.

Most Controversial Post:

I haven't really had any controversial posts, unless you count the time when my mom didn't think I should have to ask for help picking my shoe colors.  :)  I decided on black and purple, which was also the favorite of my commenters.  See my original choices here.

Most Helpful Post:
The post i choose for this link isn't about something that helped others. Instead it is about someone that was helpful to me!   Here is how Twila helped me in my running!

Post Whose Success Surprised Me:

I was surprised and loved when Deuce was having so much trouble a couple weeks ago in this post. I just want to thank the blogging community for sending up prayers and thoughts for Deuce to get better. 

Post That Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved:

My first tri was last September.  I wrote about it here, but dont think it got the attention it deserved.....mainly bc i had very few followers at that point in time! :) I am proud that i was able to do the tri and am reconsidering doing it again this year, although i haven't swam or biked all summer........

Post You are Most Proud of: 
I am definitely most proud of completing a half marathon.  I found one that was close by on my birthday and started training.  My husband thought i should master a 5k before i tried a half, but i decided to go for it anyway and am so glad i did.  You can read all about it right here!

I tag:
Pam from  Running Slowly 2 the Finish
Jen from Runner.... Maybe
Erica from I Run Because...I Can 
Pam from Life Began at Thirty
Jen from One Step at a Time

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2) Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.
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  1. I love that people are doing these! great way to see posts from the past. :)

  2. I love these, everyone is pretty much on the I don't have a controversial post one. I love that, I want to see one, well this one time I posted on (something so out of this world) in the response.


  3. I wouldnt like this "tag" having to look through and figure out what post is what, headache to me

  4. Great post recap! A first tri definitely deserves attention.

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday. Have a great weekend!

  5. Such a fun little thing to go around the blogging community. I agree. A tri definitely deserves ALOT of attention. I went and watched one this summer, and was so inspired, it brought me to tears. Kudos to you for completing one. That is just more than awesome!!

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